H1b Transfer without working for previous employer

I graduated from a US university in December 2019. Then after I was working for one company who filed my H1b in March 2020. However, due to COVID, I had to leave the job (28th August) but the company didn’t withdraw my petition. I started working for a new company on 9th September. I updated my SEVIS record since I started a new job. On 28th September, I came to know that my H1b petition got approved. I asked my previous employer what are my chance to transfer my H1b. The immigration department of the previous company didn’t realize that I left the job, so they withdrew my petition when I mailed them about my approval of H1b. They send a withdrawal notice on 30th September (One day before the H1b Start Date). Since the withdrawal notice reached to USCIS on 1st October, they already updated my Immigration status to H1b. Now, My SEVIS record is inactive so I am no more on my F1 visa. I wanted to get advice on what are my chances to be in the US. I asked my school DSO, they said it is not in their hand since my status changed to H1b. My question is what are the chances of h1b transfer approval in this case since i didn’t work for my previous employer on h1b?

Graduate - December 2019.

OPT start Date - 21 January 2020.

H1B Filed Date - 10th June.

Left Job - 28th August 2020.

New Job - 8th September 2020

H1b Approved Date - 28th September 2020.

Withdrawal date (Send Date) - 30th September 2020 which reached to USCIS on 1st October.

OPT end date - 10/01/2020 which was initially 20 January 2021.

Also, my new employer is willing to file my H1b transfer but I am not sure what are the chances to get that approved.

Thank you!

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