H1B transfer without the most recent 15 day paystub


I am planning to do a H1B transfer to a new employer. I got my H-1B approved on Apr. 2013 and started working from May 2013 - till date. However my employer payroll cycle works this way. On [b]Apr1st [/b]I will get salary of [b]Period - Mar1-15th[/b] and  [b]Apr15 [/b]I will get salary for period M[b]ar 16-31st. [/b]So at any point of time I will not have the most recent 15 day paystub. So will it be an issue when I do a H1B transfer? Will USCIS accept this?


Please note that I maintained my H-1B status from the time I started working(May'13).

Any help here is greatly appreciated.




Hi Bhairavi,

The USCIS rule on ‘most recent’ refers to a 90 day period prior to date on a filed petition. It does not need your last stub if you do not have it.

All the best

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