H1B transfer without stamping ?


My H1B visa processed by present company A on 2009 and having approved documents, but not stamped yet. Now H1B visa is expired on August 2012.

I have some queries regarding the same:

  1. Is possible to renew my H1 visa ?

  2. If I move from company A(visa processed company) to B company, B company can renew/utilize my H1B approved documents ?

  3. Without stamping my visa, any possibilities to transfer to another employer ?

  4. There is any point to keep this H1B visa document ?

  1. Yes

  2. Yes. B can file for cap-exempt petition for you using the old approved petition

  3. Yes. Once B’s petition is approved, you can go for stamping through B

  4. Yes, keep a copy of that H-1 approval notice for future purpose.