H1B Transfer without Stamping, waiting for PA date

I am working for a big IT major in India who have filed my H1b, my H1b petition has been approved and I am still waiting for the stamping to happen. If I apply for a new company at this point of time, be it an Indian MNC or a US organization and get selected, would they be able to do the H1b transfer at this point of time ?

Yes, the change of employer petition (aka transfer) can be applied while your H1B is still valid.

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Hi Kalpesh, I have similar situation. Just wanted to know if the transfer is still permissible even if employee is not given the approved petition number or letter by the old company?? Can the new company reach out to USCIS based on filing reference number (I have that) to initiate the visa transfer & whether my old company can create any trouble in smooth transfer? Thank you for your help.