H1B Transfer without amendment

I did a H1 transfer from Company A to Company B. Company B filed for LCA in location Loc 1 and got the transfer completed. Now I have approved H1 with Company B for Loc 1 location. Company B posted me to a location Loc 2 on July 18, 2012 but did not file LCA in Loc 2 till August 3. Company B filed for LCA in Loc 2 and it was approved.

I did not do a H1B amendment with Company B, but Company A wanted to take me and they proceeded with the transfer. Company A is a pure american company whereas Company B is a small services (indian) company.

Now, when Company A filed for transfer, I got an RFE. I am suspecting that it may be due to amendment that was not filed. What are the chances that my H1 will get approved.

Will H1 also get denied or only the EOS that will get denied?

Please respond.

Can’t guess if it was due to missing H-1 amendment or for some other reason. If they determine that you didn’t maintain legal status by not filing the amendment, then they can approve the H-1 but issue it w/o I-94 (so you have to go for H-1 visa stamping in that case).

Hi Saurabh, I discussed with attorney and the RFE is not due to amendment. It is due to some inhouse project details, client details etc…Hope its not an unusual RFE and a regular one. Thanks…