H1b transfer with regular process from A to B without one month pay stub and recieved RFE

Hi, I was on F1 last year and got H1b approved in general and got COS from Oct1st’2016. But as there was no project at Employer-A and so he applied for revoke which got processed in Jan’2017, i transfered to Employer 'B ’ for which i recieved reciept no. by Oct 31st and transfer was with regular process. When i made that to PP in Feb’17, In march’17 i recieved RFE to submitt the pay slip for OC’2016 which i do not have. What is that i can do now. But i have payslips from Nov’2016 to till date and have everything what and all are needed. I applied for SSn on oct’22nd and recieved it by Nov 21st. This delay was due to recieving of original I797 from Employer-A. Can i mention this reason for not having paid by employer-A for Oct’16. Please help me.

Did you talk to your attorney about this? They can reason why payslip is missing but it would USCIS’ call whether to accept the reason or not.

Worst case they would approve the petition w/ consular processing. So you will have to leave US and return on stamped H-1 visa to work for the new employer.