H1B transfer with new full time employer


I got my H1B approved and started on oct1st. I have two pay slips with my current employer(contract), but I am planning to move on with a Full time opportunity.

In that case if I apply for a transfer does the new employer(full time ) knows that I recently got my H1B approved?.

And what is the possibility of getting H1B transfer approved?

Yes, the new employers lawyer will know that the petition was recently approved, as he will have to enter the details of you on the H1 petition while filing transfer. But all this will happen at company attorney level, and your hiring manager may or may not pay heed to the details. Nothing wrong in them knowing I do not know why it matters to you.

Yes, you can always transfer whenever you want to and approval is based on your individual case. Mostly they are normal unless you are moving to a position, where you don’t have any background or experience that are required for the job.

Thank you for your reply !!!
Yeah I don’t have any backgroung or experience that are required for the job as I am creating experience in my resume.

Does it gonna create any problem