H1B Transfer with Multiple Employer


I have a question on H1B transfer with 2 Employer simultaneously.

I am working with company A in USA and have valid H1B till 2013. I have got two good offers from company B and C. I have started my H1B transfer with B and got an RFE.  

1. Can i initiate my H1B transfer with C during the RFE status with B.

2. Is there is any problem if USCIS gets two transfer request in almost same time.

3. Is there any risk (I am doing it to avoid another risk, thinking if one transfer faces any issue other one might go, but I am not sure if it will increase any risk or chances of rejection)

4. Is there any legal issue if I do not join a company after H1 transfer. Can that company take any action against me or my H1 VISA.

5. What happens if both B and C gets approved ?

6. What happens if both B and C gets rejected ?

  1. Yes

  2. Usually no

  3. If both get approved, then you will have to say no to one employer

  4. They can ask for reasonable business losses. Check w/ labor attorney

  5. You can work for either or stay back w/ A

  6. Continue working w/ A