H1b transfer with in fist week of entering in to usa


I was hold on 221g for last 18 months. and finaly my case got approved. i came to usa 3 days ago and i have a new employee ready to fille h1b transfer for me but he wants to do it quickly. So now my problem is that i dont have any recent pay stub. i still have the job with my old employee but my new employee want to file the transfer in this week. will there be any problem if i transfer my visa without recent pay stub.

The transfer petition will reach USCIS even before you complete 15 calendar days in US, which is typically the pay cycle (that or 30 days).

So it is ok to file it w/o payslips for now. You should still get paid for the time you are inside US w/ the old employer. Once you get paid and have those payslips, you can submit them to USCIS later (in case RFE is issued for the same).