H1B Transfer with Fargo

Hi There,

Currently I am holding two H1Bs , one with Employer A and another with sister company of Employer A(B). The Validity for each of them are 2022 and 2024.Employer A’s client is now willing to sponsor me for fulltime, where Employer B brought the approval based on in-house project doesn’t have any relationship with client.
Employer B aka Sister Company of A got approval recently on Aug, where W2 and I9 and ADP is being entered but didn’t run a paycheck.

Couple of things have been running behind scenes

  1. Employer A is asking me to submit timesheets and employee reports to sister company Employer B( Just for records).
    2.Employer A stated that , Until I get a new job , he will be not moving me to Employer B, so he haven’t done any E-Verify thing.
  2. Employer A had stated that he will not withdraw the existing H1B till it get expires.

However with Fragomen, I have submitted only the Employer A H1B document. Because Client knows that I am with Employer A for a long time as they do agreements with sub vendor.

Meanwhile Employer A is not running paystubs on time , so I am confused what documents do I need to submit to Fragomen. This is all happening on ground level and kept me in a limbo state.

Do I need to submit employer B document to Fragomen or Employer A document is fine? Or any suggestions.?


Are you working for both employers at the same time? If yes, you can submit paystubs from both employers.
Your immigration lawyer should be able to help and guide you.

Thanks for the update.