H1B transfer with different Present Address than the address on Pay Stub and LCA?

I work remotely on H1B for company A in Austin,Tx. My LCA and Home Address on my Pay Stub is in Austin, Tx. I moved to New Jersey 4 months ago as my wife started to work there. I haven’t updated my address in the company as well as with my lawyers. Hence the address on my Pay Stub is still Austin, Tx, that being same as my LCA work location for Company A.
New company B has filed my LCA with NJ as location and has filed H1b Transfer. In the transfer petition in Part3 Beneficiary information, they have listed present address as the New Jersey address.
Can this lead to an RFE questioning my “Maintenance of Status”
Can I rent an apartment in Austin, Tx as a proof that I still stay in Austin, Tx if an RFE comes?

What options do I have? Is tehre any way to sort this out?


In case of RFE you may say that your wife moved to NJ for employment and you were visiting.