H1B transfer wihout travelling to USA

HI ,

i have got H1B in 2017 lottery. my employer was not ready send me because of lack of opportunities.

so i went for a H1B transfer.

new employer ready to transfer and he filed new PREMIUM petition for me which received RFE.

he replied to RFE but current status shows “Responce to USCIS’ Request for evidence was Recieved”.

this status was there from 10th May. now its 23 rd May.

  1. how much time it will take to get approved as it is a Premium Processing and premium processing takes 10 to 15 days to get approved if everything ok?

  2. what are questions will be asked if aprroval comes at the time of stamping for this kind of scenario?

normally for H1B visa interview questions they ask only couple of questions like , salary,employer name and location. will they ask any additional questions in case of H1B transfer without travelling to US.

Thanks in Advance and appritiate your help.

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