H1b transfer while working on L1

Hi Everyone,
I am on L1B from company ‘A’. While I was in India another company ‘B’ offered work in usa and applied H1B and I got it stamped few months back. I have a couple of questions

  1. Can I interview for company any company ‘C’ and get h1b transferred to it without ever working for company ‘B’ ? ( no I-9 or no payslips from ‘B’)
  2. Can I show my company ‘A’ I-9 and payslips to get the H1B transfer initiated?
  3. Since H1b transfer is completely new application without lottery, can I start applying for any company who is willing to apply for a H1b transfer ?

So if I understand correctly you are currently working on L1 from company A and did port of entry with the same company A. And you also have a H1B stamped on your passport from company B and you want to transfer H1B from company B to some new company C ?

Yes you can transfer under cap-exempt as you have stamped visa from another employer.



@Kalpesh_Dalwadi : So the person can just interview for company C and ask the new company C to Transfer the H1B of company B without ever working for them ?

Yes, you work for the company in the US after they file your petition and its approved.