H1B transfer while Switching company

Hello Team,

Need your help to resolve the mentioned below query :

Currently i am on H1B with Company A , i got the Job offer from Company B and Company C.

Company B filed H1B transfer for me and that is approved as well, they have given the joining date as 1st November 2016.

Company C given me the offer , now they will start the H1-B transfer based on my Company A H1B Petition, As per my calculation they will file the H1B transfer most probably in end of this month or first week of November as Joining date is 28th November 2016.

Question : If i will join Company B , is there any chance my H1-B transfer for Company C will get rejected as Company A will revoke the H1 B Petition once i will leave the company A. Actually i want to see the culture of Company B and if i don’t like then i will join the Company C.

Or is it a good idea to decide right now which offer i need to select?

Thanks in advance for your help

Even if A withdraws their petition, you can still use that as reference for the transfer petition. So C can use A’s petition for this.

Thanks Sourabh for answering the question:)

Is it means I can join Comapny B , and there will be no impact/risk on Comapny C H1 b transfer ?

Let me know if my understanding is correct. Thanks in advance.

Yes. Do you plan to keep C updated about your latest employer?

Right now, “No” i am thinking not to tell about company B to Company C, If i will get RFE in case of Company C H1B transfer then i will provide the documents of Company B, Just to showcase about my H1 Status.

Do you have any suggestions for the same?

As long as C is ok to be surprised by in-between employment w/ B, it should be fine.

Thanks Saurabh for your reply :slight_smile: