H1B Transfer while not travelled to US

I , with my family have got H1B stamp in nov 2014 for employer A and valid till Aug 2017. Now Employer B filed transfer petition for me. I have never travelled to US. Once Employer B petition approved , do i need to get stamped for employer B or Stamp for employer A combined with approved petition from B is enough for me to travel?

You need to get stamped from employer B, as you have never traveled US

Thanks Sir , but this link says something else at the last paragraph

It’s must to go for stamping with employer B, as you need to submit all the docs related to employer B at POE if asked and you may run into issues if not produced.
Moreover H1 is employer property and you can’t represent others property
Hope it makes sense

Heartly Thanks Dear Rana…
If in case My Visa is not granted for Employer B or i am given 221g will i be then eligible to go with Employee A? or existing H1B stamp will be revoked first?

Existing stamp may not be revoked unless you get a new stamp. You are safe. Can go with employer A if denied/221g

In my opinion you need not to go for stamping again. You can travel with old visa (if it’s not expired) + new petition.

@EXPERTS - Your thoughts ?

PS - It’s not legal advice. It’s my understanding.

you can go with petition from B and stamped Visa from A. Need not go for stamping again. Few of my friends are in the same scenario and entered US without any issues.

Thanks !!
I got B stamp and here since May 2015 … also visited India in Nov… No Issues faced