H1B transfer while in India - visa stamped but no pay stubs

Scenario: I went to the US in 2008 June on L1-B visa with a company A and worked with them till Oct 2012 (for 4 years and 4 months excluding vacation). In 2012, I have filed H1 petition (L1 to H1 transfer) through company B which was approved and I started working with them from Nov 2012 (till Jan 2013 for 3 months). I came to India for vacation in Feb 2013 where I had to attend visa stamping. I got a query with them. As it didn’t get resolved even after months, I had another company C transfer my H1 to them and got visa stamped with company C which is valid till Oct 2014. Now, company has not been marketing due to some internal management issues. I dont have paystubs with company C as I am in India. But I have paystubs with B.

[b]Questions:  [/b]

1. Can I transfer my H1 to another company (say D) while in India without any pay stubs from C (which holds my current H1 and got my visa stamped through them)

2. If I can transfer, do I need to get my visa stamped again (my current visa with C is valid till Oct 2014)?

3.  I have 1.5 years left on my current H1 limit (out of 6 years of H1 limit). As I have been in India from Feb 2013, if I stay here till Jan 2014, will I regain 6 years of H1? If so, will my current visa be still valid?


Thanks for your advice.

please send your resume at naveen@secureapptech.com with your H1 B copy.