H1b Transfer while in india after working for 1 year in US

Hi ,

I am currently working on H1B (valid till 2015)  since last 1 year for a company and planning to resign next week. I need to go back to India for 1-3 months due to some personal reason.Could you please help with few questions below: 

1.Would it be difficult find an employer and apply for transfer from India?

2.Do I need to go for stamping again?

3.How many days I can stay in US after my last working day ?Need to sell my car and wrap up other things.

Any experiences on this would really help me take a correct decison.Thanks in advance!

Your question is not cleared. Even though let me give you best answer.

  1. if your H1 is stamped by Indian company and you travelled initially on their payroll , worked for 1 yr and now you are resigning the job in US and returning back to india. Then it is of no use having your visa valid till 2015. It is quite impossible to get new job in US on the basis of approved visa. In this case you must joined the company B, and company must transfer your visa befor expire date and then you can travel to US again.

in this scenario best option is you should not resign the job go to India and return to US , resume the job and then switch the job.

Stamping is required

  1. if you travel US initially from Indian company And transfer the visa on any consultant and you are resigning the job. This case also resigning the job is not best option. You must transfer your visa before leaving you can easily travel to USA holding Clint lletter

stamping is not required

I have a similar situation. I landed a US project while I was working for a company X in India. X got the H1B visa apporved for me and I worked as a company X consultant on the US project for a year. I returned back to India after the project ended. and I have spent 10 months in India since then and have been in company X’s India payroll.

Q - will i be alowed to transfer my VISA to company Y ( Y is a similar Indian company which plans to get me another project in the US.

If this is possible what is the timeline for the transfer in this case?

Hello Akshay , Shingankar,
If you have your h1b stamped after 2012 and you are in India right now, i can help you to transfer your h1b to consultadd inc , you will be working on payroll of consultadd in USA .

If you are searching for any employer then contact with your resume to roshan.khamkar@consultadd.in , 9130080778 .

Thank you ,