H1b transfer while I sit in India with no pay stubs...


I ocame to USA with h1b visa on employer A on August 2014. I changed my employer on Jan 2016 with employer B. My new employer B lay off me after three months I.e on April 2016 and stopped generating pay stubs. I am planning to go India now by May month 2016.

Luckily I am getting another employer C offer who is asking me to join on July month 2016 onwards.

My question is:

  1. Can I transfer my h1b visa to new employer C sitting in India without pay stubs from employer B?

  2. If,I,return to USA again,what document I should have for,smooth entry in port of entry.

Note: I have valid visa from employer A till August 2016.

Employer B generated last pay stubs on April 2016 and stopped from May month onwards.

Please advice.



  1. New petition would be approved even though you don’t have payslips as you are outside US. So this would be consular processing.

  2. You need C’s approval petition, your visa stamp, copy of employment letter, old receipt copies, any payslips

Thank you very much Saurabh… Your information is most useful for me.