H1B transfer while h4 extension pending?

Current situation:

I am currently working on an H1B visa with employer A.
I have my approved H1-B visa approved i797 until 2024 with me.

But my wife’s H4 extension application is still in progress.

Now, I have an offer from employer B which I am really interested to join.

My question is:

Should I wait for my wife’s H4 extension application to be approved first and then switch to employer B?

My fear is if I change in, let’s say, in January 2022 then employer A revokes my H1-B and employer B transfer it to them, will this affect h4 extension?

Because documents I have submitted ( i797, paystubs etc…) will belong to old employer.

Do I need to file h4 extension again or update that documents with USCIS or do nothing.

No need to wait. You can apply for your H1B transfer and your wife’s H4 extension of status again.

Yes, earlier filed H4 EOS may get denied.