H1b Transfer, while H1b Amendment is pending to applied by current employer

Hello There,

I was working on L1B and Company A filed a H1b last year June and the H1b got approved in December 2012 with Company A, I went to India in [b]January 2013 [/b]for stamping. A new LCA was filed in [b]March 2013 [/b]just before my stamping as there was a change in salary and designation (Job Location/Client/Job role and responsibilties still the same) as compared to initial LCA that was filed in June last year, the LCA was approved in 2 weeks and got my stamping done in [b]March last week[/b]. I travelled back to US in April. My current employer wants to file H1b Amendment now due to the change in LCA. [b]Can a H1b tranfer be applied by company B, while the H1b Amendment is pening to be applied by current employer ??[/b]

Yes, they can happen in parallel.

Thanks Saurabh