H1b transfer when i am in India

Hi Team,

Currently, i am in USA and I have a query regarding H1b transfer when i am in India.

Please find my queries

Currently i am in USA with valid H1b, I would like to go back to INDIA and continue to work there with the same employer. For any reasons, is there any chance my employer can cancel my H1b visa. If my H1b visa is cancelled, is it possible for me to look for another employer who can process H1b based on the petition filed by parent employer or i have to once again come in quota system. If it is possible, do i need to go for stamping once again. Kindly advise.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, another employer can file cap-exempt petition for you even after current employer withdraws their petition. You would need copy of approval notice to show that you are already cap-counted. If the visa stamp in the passport has expired or marked as canceled, then you need to go for stamping again.