H1b transfer when H4 extension is pending

Hello Experts,

My current H1 visa extension (post 6 years) is in progress with my current employer and I am upgrading it to premium processing. My kid’s H4 extension is also pending with a biometric appointment and we have not received any appointment for that yet. And my employer said premium processing is applicable only for my H1 and not for H4 extension.
I am also planning to move to another company and the new employer said they would be filing my H1 transfer after my current extension is approved. In that case, can they start filing the transfer as soon as my current H1 extension is approved, even if my dependents H4 extension (I539) is still pending? Or should we wait for both H1 and H4 extension to be approved before initiating the transfer?


Yes, they can apply for H1B extension, even if the h4 is pending. No need to wait for H4 to be approved.
If you get an RFE for H4, then you can submit the latest h1B approval from new company.
Also, you can file for another H4 along with transfer too, it will be fine.