H1B transfer when H1B extension petition is pending and I94 is expired

I am on H1B visa, and my visa was expired on 07/10/2013. Currently i am working for Infosys. My company had filed my H1B extension on 06/15/2013 in normal processing, so it will take 3 - 4 months of processing time. And now i have got an opportunity with company Accenture, and my H1B needs to be transferred to Accenture, so they are doing my H1B transfer in Premium processing. So my question here is whether its possible that my H1B transfer petition (with Accenture) will get processed in 2 weeks, or it will go in queue, because already there is one H1B extension petition by Infosys is pending.

H-1 w/ new company will get processed in 2 weeks, but it will not be approved w/ I-94 until your current extension gets approved. This is b/c transfer was filed after your I-94 expired and they need I-94 continuity (i.e. approval of extension) before approving transfer w/ I-94.

This means, you will have to leave US and re-enter on new petition in order to work for the new employer.

If it comes w/ I-94 attached (USCIS mistake), then you can start working for new employer.

Did this way worked for you? I am on the same boat and don’t know how to proceed.