H1b Transfer to another company

Hi Kumar,
This is really good platform to share the knowledge and get awareness on applying for different categories and coming to my situation, I am working as software Engineer with 8.5 yr experience under H1b and I would like to apply from Green Card .My current Salary is 85k per annum and when I asked my consultancy to apply for green card , there were saying that I am not eligible with the current salary and suggested to have minimum salary of 110K per Annum also there is no salary increment since 3.5yrs .

  1. Suppose if I have any opportunity to transfer my H1b to different consultancy who can offer and ready to process Green card (is it good idea to go for it considering with the current tightening rules imposed by government ) .
  1. For applying Green Card what is minimum salary required for applying Greencard considering with 8.5 yrs of experience

Thanks in advance,