H1B transfer RFE. Can I stay with my old employer?

I came to US on H1B visa working for company A. Recently I have initiated H1B transfer to company B. I have got an RFE on the H1B transfer pitition (its a combined appliaction with H4). As of now I am still working with Company A.

My questions are,

1. I can I continue working with [b]Company A?[/b]

2. What will happen if '[b]Company B[/b]' not responding to the RFE or pitition declained?

3. Will that going to be any problem in my future transfers or extensions?

I am bit worried about my situation, please let me know if anybody have thought on this.
  1. Yes, provided U have validity of visa

  2. Nothing, U can still work for Company A, provided U have validity of visa

  3. Not much Problem, unless the RFE is about U

Thanks for your quick reply.

Question on Point 3 response: One of the section in RFE they asked about education evaluation along with the client letter and another employer documents.

Will there be any problem if I initiate another transfer in future anytime?

Those things are more related to employer and job… so it doesn’t matter much

Thanks RaNa for your response. It is really helpful.

did ur emp B rfe got approve ? wat s the rfe you got ?? can u pls help