H1B transfer relocation - work without new LCA in a location?


I am currently employed in a company located in state A on H1B status. I am planning to join a new employer located in state B and I already have a new approved H1B filed by them.

My joining date with the new employer is in 2 months and I intend to continue with the current employer until then.

Can I relocate to state B in the mean time and continue working for the current employer from there?

If yes, how many days before my last day at the current company can I move out of state A?

If not, will it be okay if I still move out of state A and just maintain my residency (keep an apartment with an active lease) in state A till the last date with my current employer?

Will there be any other H1B status issues that may arise from moving out of state A earlier since my current H1B is tied to this location?

Thanks in advance!

Well, you may be able to use the “short term placement” option. You can work for up to 30 days. This has to be worked with your employer. I suggest you talk to them. Below is the guidance on the rule