H1B transfer question- Urgent - Please assist


I am with company A on H1B. transftered my H1B to company B and about to join it in 4 days. meanwhile company C is offering me better role and salary and asking me to give documents for H1B transfer.

My question is : if suppose I join company B and in its initial training days only( may be 2 days) or may be a day before joining i get a reciept of company C’s H1B transfer. would it be advisable to leave company B and go to C.

(considering that B has started joining process,tickets etc)

I know its a tough situation,but want to know the legal aspects and possible chances.

Please assist me.

Yes you can join employer C with your petition number. No issues. What is the guarntee that you second COS will be approved. In that case you can wait until Second COS is approved and then join. Just a suggestion. Legally you can work for your employer C. No issues.