H1B transfer question- switching employer

Dear Saurabh,

I have a scenario here.

I am currently on H1-B with employer A, and the I-797A is valid until 03/05/2013.

Now with the same employer I got an extension approval on I-797A starting from 03/06/2013 to 03/05/2016.

If I switch the employer now (or before 03/06/2013), will the new extension approval and the validity date change? how is this determined. Is there any chance of rejection?

Please reply.

Thank you…

The new employer will file their own petition and USCIS will approve it for a certain term. That will be the validity of that petition. If you continue to work for A then you have the current approved petition. If you move to B, then you will work according to new petition’s validity dates.