H1B transfer process and resignation


I work for comp A in the US on H1B and I have valid I94 till Sep 2014. Meanwhile I got an offer from company B. They have filed the LCA on Aug 19. I hope they should have got the approved LCA already or getting it by next week. My new employer told me that they will be filing the petition with USCIS once they get the LCA with premium processing. Meanwhile, I have sent resignation letter to my current company and have given a notice period for 2 weeks. I have some questions.


1. If my current employer wants to revoke the petition, when can they do that? Will they be doing it only after my resignation date?


2. If my new employer files the petition next week, I should not have any problem even if my current employer revokes the petition. Is it correct?


3. Also if I have 2-3 days gap between my last date with current employer before I join the new company, what will be my H1B status during that period? Am I allowed to take that gap. or should I join the next day after my last day with the current employer


Please clarify.

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