H1B Transfer premium processing and got RFE

Hi Friends,

I am currently on H1B and my current visa is valid till 2014.I got an offer with another service based Indian MNC and they have applied for H1B transfer(Premium). But still i am working with the current company and i have clearly updated the new company as i will be joining once after the H1B transfer is approved.

As part of H1B transfer i got an RFE on Nov 2,2012,I am not sure my new company has responded or not for my RFE .By Jan 2,2013 , it will be 90 days after getting the RFE . My question is

  1. If the new company is not responding to the RFE within 90 days, Will it have any impact on current H1b visa?. The reason i have this question is my current project is getting over by dec 31,2012. And my current company want to move me to the different client and location. Also my current company will be applying the amendment.

2.I dont want to provide the H1B transfer details to my current company at any point of time. Is there any chance USCIS will update the H1B transfer to my current comapny?

  1. If the RFE is responded and if i travel to India do i need to get the visa stamped?

Somebody could suggest me on this scenario what should i do?

Why my question is flagged as Spam?. do i need to post my question again? What is the issue Please do let me know i can correct it.

  1. No impact on your current H-1 petition

  2. No

  3. IMO, you don’t need to get another visa stamped as long as the previous visa stamp is still valid. But you can check w/ your new employer’s attorney as well.

Thanks Saurabh, Thank you very much

I understand from your answer there will not be any issue on filing my amendment and it is not related to H1B transfer at any cause.