H1B Transfer: Paystubs vs. Paychecks


If I want my H-1B to be transfered, I should provide paystubs to prove my status in last 3 months.

Is it possible to use photocopies of paychecks instead? Or it must be paystubs?

photocopies r good

Oh, thx for a quick answer. Can you please confirm, that it’s fine to use Paychecks and not Paystubs? Or there is no real difference? (My employer issues both: Paystubs & Paychecks).

paystubs are better anytime. is it generated by ADP?

No, my paychecks are hand-written :frowning:

Do you think that’s ok?

as long as they are legitimate and employer is legitimate…it does not matter.
If they find something doubtful they will raise RFE. see the risks before joining new company unless your transfer is approved