H1B Transfer - Pay slip requirements

Dear Saurabh,

Following are my activities in last 6 months:

Dec 2011 - L1A to H1B COS approved valid till 12/2014 from Emp A to Emp B

June 2012 - H1B Transfer approved from Emp B to Emp C.

Emp B has cancelled the H1 and its now valid with Emp C.

I quit Emp B on 1st week of July and has all his latest payslips [he paid till the end].

Now, can i quit Emp C [my current H1 holder] and find another Emp D.

I dont have 3 months pay stubs from Emp C but have no out of status as I was paid till the end by Emp B.

Will USCIS approve my transfer even though I dont have any single pay stub from my current employer?

or should I wait for 3 pay stubs from my current employer and then try for transfer.