H1B transfer next steps column

Hi, I have received REF on my premium h1b transfer asking for more company document on 11 Feb. Current status says “Document was mailed” and in Next steps column it says "We will mail our decision to you. The notice will explain any action you need to take. ". Is this means they have denied it? I am really worried, please answer this. Has anyone else experienced this before? Thanks in advance.

Have you submitted RFE response? Is this message after the date USCIS received the response?

No, My Lawyer is sending it out in this week.

It may be an error. They would have mentioned RFE response deadline (usually 60 days) and until then they wouldn’t go ahead and deny the petition.

Wait until the response is submitted to USCIS.

Actly, It went into post decision activity now. I am really confused. They said, we mailed document for I129 petition for a nonimmigrant worker…

what does it mean? My lawyer has not replied them for RFE also. How can they go into post decision activity? Is it reject?

Looks like an error. You attorney can follow-up w/ USCIS to know what’s happening; or just ignore the status until RFE response is received by them.