H1B transfer just before H1B stamping

My case is a bit different and has not been addressed anywhere I looked for a week.

I have an approved H1B petition from employer A and employer B is going to initiate my H1B transfer. Now the catch here is, I am traveling to India from Nov 1st to Nov 30 and get my visa stamped on Nov 3. While filling up the form DS-160 and scheduling the appointment, I need to add petitioner name. Which employer name should I put?

It is not certain when will USCIS approve the transfer for employer B (Probably by the end of Oct). To be on the safer end, can I put employer A’s details as my current employer on all the forms?

Please advise.

What petition will you be using when appearing for H-1 interview? If you will use A’s petition then enter that information. Even if B has applied for H-1 transfer, or the same has been approved, you can continue to work for A and use them for H-1 visa interview. A should be aware of your visa stamping.

Thanks for the reply!
One follow up question:
If I am using A’s petition to enter all the information and B’s visa transfer gets approved before visa stamping, will there be any issue at the time of stamping?

So there is really nothing like transfer. What ends up happening is that you have 2 approved petitions - one from A and one from B. You can easily pick one and discard one and jump b/w the two as long as they are valid and employer is willing to hire you.

So, you can use A’s petition for visa stamping (w/ A’s approval obviously) even after B’s petition has been approved.