H1B transfer from one employer when i94 expiry is very near


My i94 expiration is in September 2017 (as I had to renew my passport), but stamped Visa is valid till 2018 June. I am planning to move to a different employer. When I move I get a new i94. My new employer is asking me to join with H1B receipt notice. I have two questions.

  1. What if tI join the new employer and the H1B transfer is not approved. I have to go back right ?

  2. If I join the employer and I do not receive H1B transfer till September, and my current i94 expires, what are the options available for me?

  1. Yes , you will have to move out of the country within the grace period.

  2. You can continue to work based on the receipt notice until you get the approval.