H1B transfer from One Company in India to Another company in US


My H1B got approved and it is now showing Post Decision Activity. My question is-

The H1B is processed by my current company ABC in India. If I don’t travel to US with this H1B with my current company ABC for a single time then can I transfer this H1B to another company XYZ in US?

I mean H1B is stamped with one company but want to travel to US with another company. As my current company has very limited projects in US



Yes, you can transfer your H1B and will require a new stamping before your travel with xyz company.

You can get your H1B transferred to another employer and use premium processing service as that would give you a quick outcome.

You don’t need to go to consulate for stamping again if you still have the stamped valid visa (unexpired). You can travel with the visa sticker with old employer name and approval notice of new employer.