H1b transfer from India without enter into US

I have H1B visa from employer A, stamped in Oct 2015 with validity 2018. Not entered into US yet. Employer A is not finding project for me. I have got an offer with employer B and can file H1 transfer. Employer B is telling once he files new H1b petition and approved I can enter into us and work for them with old H1b visa (from employer A), i.,e not required visa stamping again until old visa from employer A expires. Is that true?

False. I’m glad you are trying to find the truth instead of believing whatever these companies tell. Stamping isn’t so hard after-all. Don’t shy away from what’s right - may be you will be eligible for dropbox. who knows!

As you said false, you mean that I should go for Visa stamp again after new H1 petition approved from employer B in this case. He was telling he confirmed this from his lawyer. I thought of checking this with someone who already experienced this.

Please provide answer ASAP.

I don’t think new visa stamping is required as long as the old one is valid. He can travel to US w/ new approved petition and old visa stamp. New stamping is recommended, but not required.