H1b transfer from India after accumulating 3 months out of status

I came here on f1 visa and later changed to H1B after getting the job. My H1b was approved in April 2013 after a lot of hue and cry as it was first denied and got approved after I filed for motion to reconsider. I never went out of the country for stamping. I lost my job in August 2013 and after trying for couple of months I decided to go back to India besides my visa was also revoked by USCIS on 24 Oct 2013. I am currently in India and have the following questions

1. Am I still eligible for H1B transfer and cap exempt. (a company who has office in India and USA is willing to sponsor me for a job)


2. As the previous visa was never stamped and now revoked also will this affect H1B transfer .


3. I was out of status for 3 months as I stopped getting paid 3 months before my departure from USA. How likely is the success of getting the stamping and is it worth applying for the transfer,