H1B Transfer from employer 'X' to employer 'Y' before moving to US

Hello ,

Currently i am employed with ‘X’ company in India.

I have filed for H1 from an employer ‘Y’ and got my VISA approved.

Now current employer ‘X’ has offered me a job in US and i am willing to stick with ‘X’ Company.

But My Visa has the details of employer Y .

Can you please explain , what are the steps involved in H1B transfer.

Also will it be a good idea to get the H1B tranferred from Employer Y to employer X before me travelling to US. or should i go to US first and then plan on H1B transfer.

Please Suggest

Thank you.

X should file a cap-exempt petition for you using Y’s approval notice. Once approved, you should appear for visa stamping (unless you already have visa stamped through Y). You can then travel to US and work for X on their approved petition.

I’m Working for Company A in India from past 3 years. I have got an offer from Company B and it filed my H1B petition. My H1B visa is approved and I got it stamped recently. I have all the original documents with me itself. I797 , Visa and Offer letters from Company B and it’s Client. The Project is getting delayed with Company B and So, I want to work with Company A in US. Can Company A file H1B transfer before I travel to US? If so, how long would it take?

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