H1B transfer from emp A to emp B on Client x and H1 transfer from emp A to Client x; both at same time Possible?

Hi Guys,
I have a situation where I’m confused to take a decision. I am working with employer A and transfer to employer B on Client X has been initiated. And at the same time Client X is offering to sponsor immediately and wants to make a H1 transfer ASAP. Can I initiate 2 transfers at same time. If yes please let me know and what are the complication I need to face.

You can initiate as many transfers as you want. You can only work for one at at time, unless you have concurrent H1B filing. So, it will be fine.

I am wondering if we can transfer to the same client concurrently because it would be like a duplicate filing ?

No, it will not be. That will be a different petition by a different employer.

Ok thanks a lot for your time and suggestion, It really helps me to take further decisions.

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