H1B Transfer from company A to B before stamping . now can i for go stamping with A?

Hi Experts,
I am working with company B. I applied H1B through Employer A (3rd party), and it is approved,but stamping not yet done due to no onshore role. so i Transffered H1b from A to B,but here in B also stamping not yet done. Now Company A got the onshore role, ready to send me for stamping( Company A doesn’t know about the the Transfer). Shall i go ahead for stamping with Company A, is there any risk at US consulate of rejection chances? as i did the transfer from A to B.

Please help me on this ? as i need to take the decision with in this week.


Are you in the US or outside? If outside it does not matter where you are, but you should go for stamping for the company where you intend to work.

Yes you can go for stamping for either of the employers, only thing is you should be confident enough to answer questions pertaining to any of the opportunity you choose to go for and also have the proper supporting documentation. All the best!

Hi VG,

I am also in a similar situation,can you help me letting me know,if B filed for you under H1B cap exempt case,did they need any more documents apart from your petition copy from A,i assume you didnt travel/stamped through A before B filed for you.

When as the transfer request placed and how long did it take,i hear now they have stopped taking cases under premium processing for transfer till july 27.