H1B Transfer - Extension - RFE - Any impact for Stamping?

Hi, I need help to know some information. Recently I moved Canada working for employer A (for the same employer I worked in US for 3 years). While working for employer A, I got project opportunity in US with employer B. H1B transfer Petition got approved with employer B. Meanwhile employer A also applied for H1 extension and I got RFE and will be responding in next couple of weeks. Now If I get the visa stamped for employer B in Canada but do not wish to join\ travel to US immediately. Will this stamping done for employer B will cause problem in getting the RFE cleared with employer A. Also if RFE is cleared and go for stamping for employer A - what will be issues as I will be having visa stamped for employer B also?

No, it will not have any issues. You do not have to go for stamping again for Employer A, if you have the stamping done as you can re-use the same stamping that you got, if it is valid. Read H1B Transfer - Stamping Required ?

Thanks Kumar!

So until I starts working in US for employer B, I will not be considered that I’m working for employer B even though I have got visa stamped for employer B?

I’m hoping my RFE turn to approval with employer A - and don’t have to leave the employer A.