H1B transfer, extension - in 240 days period - Can I transfer ? Options?

my current h1b extension is pending with USCIS and I am working under 240 day rule with my current employer A and 240 day expires by Jan 15, 2020. I got a job offer from employer B who is also willing to do the h1 transfer. My questions are

  1. Is it safe to wait with the current employer h1 extension or go with the new employer h1 transfer extension?
  2. What happens if employer A application gets approved before Employer B or vice versa?
  3. If employer A’s application gets denied, can employer B still file H1 petition

I really appreciate your help.

P.S. My extension was filed on December 13, 2018 and received an RFE and submitted the RFE documents by June 11, 2019 and the application is still pending.

  1. You can go with H1B transfer, but go with premium, so that you can get the decision soon. No need to wait.
  2. It is your decision to change employer before that. You can stick around with old employer or move out…If you get I-94 extension attached to it with new dates, you can switch. It all depends on the I-94 extension with that.
  3. Only, if the I-94 is still valid. If the I-94 is already expired and you have denial, then you cannot.,

Thanks Kumar for your response.

One more question
Will there be any issue or flag on my application with USCIS in future if I revoke the offer from employer B after they filed my petition with uscis ?

Thanks for your help and time.

Absolutely nothing… Technically there is no revoke, it is a withdraw.
Also, you cannot file the withdraw, it is a company thing, they can file the withdraw.

I am in similar situation, may I know what was your i-94 expiry date when you got the new job?

May 24, 2019 - expiration date