H1B Transfer - Dos & Don't and Any tips?

Hi Saurabh & Experts,

I am currrently on H1b which will expire in 6 months.  Also, i am looking for another job/employer.  Is there a standard to-do list / best practices / Dos & Donts which will help me on a smooth H1b Transfer from current employer to a possible future Employer??  Should i file my h1b petition extension with current employer, get it approved and then look for job/employer change?  Or it doesn't matter?  Please advise with the standard Do's & Dont's
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I saw similar question on the main blog. You can check my response there.

Got some info. Coudn’t locate the dos and donts list.Could you please share the link if its handy.

Dos include:

  • maintain status
  • keep all records of I-94s, payslips, 797 petitions
  • keep your address updated in USCIS site using AR-11 form

Don’t include:

  • do not be w/o pay even when on bench
  • join the new employer on the basis of transfer receipt only if you are confident about the transfer

You can search for employers now. If you find a good opportunity, the new employer can file for a transfer for you. Else you can file extension through current employer and continue looking for opportunities.