H1B Transfer Denied on Receipt

Hi All, Here is my case
Employer A Petition Valid till 19-JAN-2023
I-94 based on Employer A Petition – 29-JAN-2023
Transferred to Employer B on 15-MAY-2020 and working on H!B receipt notice
Employer A H1B revoked on 03-JUN-2020
Employer B Transfer Petition Denied on 12-AUG-2020 due to Specialty Occupation.

  1. Is my I-94 still valid till 29-JAN-2023 even if my Employer A revoked my petition?
  2. Am I eligible for 60 day grace period even with or without Employer A petition revocation?
  3. If am eligible for 60 day grace period, Can the same employer file a new H1B petition or it has to be altogether a new petition with a new employer?
  4. How many days am eligible to stay in US ?
  5. What would be best option to file a new petition
  6. Can I continue being in USA and try some other company and the employer can file for a transfer?
  7. When is my out of status starts from (illegal stay)? the day we receive the denial notice or the day I left the employer A, please confirm, this is very confusing.
  8. Does I have to leave the country immediately or can stay for sometime in USA then apply for H1B from different employer once approved can I go to India and come back with visa?
  9. Can my current employer file appeal ? is it good to go with that way.? what are chances of approval?
  10. Could you please suggest what are the available options for me further ?