H1B transfer - Clarification on transfer while in India


I have [b]returned back from USA[/b] few months back and i am [b]currently in india [/b]having a valid H1B filed by my current employer. I would like to transfer my current H1B (Work permit valid until end of next year) to [b]another employer in India[/b], please let me know the documents which will be required for the H1B transfer.

Both the employers are having operations/offices in USA.

Also please let me know the process in detail.


Anoop menon

The documents are similar to what was required for the initial petition. The extra documents include:

  • your most recent payslips when you were in US (say 3 month)

  • your most recent W2s (if applicable)

  • copy of your previous I-94

  • copy of your previously approved 797

I wont have the recent US payslips (last 3 month) since i am currently in India and also i wont have the previous I-94 which i had given at my US exit last time… what need to be done now.

I meant the payslips for the time you were in US. Let’s say you left US in May 2013. Then that would mean Mar-May payslips.

Don’t you have a copy of the previous I-94? I mean did you take a photo copy before surrendering it at the airport?

Yes, i should have a copy of the I-94 in my employee docket and hope it should be fine.Also i have the payslips in the payroll system (ADP) when i was in USA. Thanks for all your expertise advice and you have answered all my questions…