H1B Transfer: Case Status Verification

Recently, I got selected in one of the IT company.
They filed H1B transfer and shared case number only over the email.

Now they sent an email saying your case has been approved. I checked on USCIS portal it shows it has been approved but i want to verify the case number belong to me. My future employer is asking me to resign from current company and they don’t want to lose time it will take to get original approval copy, what should i do ?

How to verify the case number they shared was actually filed for me. I called USCIS also but they said they only reply to Petitioner.


Ask your H1B employer to provide you with copy of complete H1B packet with I-129 form. You will need it anyways if your are outside or rhe US and need visa stamping. Even if you are in the US, you must ask for H1B petition copy for your record.