H1B transfer, can spouse travel on old visa

I travelled to US with Emp A visa which was valid till End of Dec 2016. Recently i changed employer from A to B and H1B got transferred successfully without RFE. So I am working with emp B now. My wife has H4 (against my Old employer - Emp A) which is valid till End of Dec 2016. She has never travlled to US before OR on that visa. 1) So now as my H1B got transferred from Emp A to Emp B, can she travel on old H4 (Emp A) visa, which is valid till Dec 2016?2) If not, What else she needs to carry while POE? 3) Will they ask any questions regarding my employment change? Reason?4) Do I need to get her passport stamped again with New H4 (against my new Emp B)

  1. Is she eligible for Dropbox facility (as in my case, its H1B transfer) in Mumbai to restamp H4 if required?

She can travel on old visa stamp and carry copy of new approval notice. At POE she should let officer know that you now work for B and not A. They should then issue I94 based on B’s petition.