H1B Transfer before start date.

If I have to transfer from company A to B do I need to wait untill OCT, 1, 2012. or Is it ok to transfer after H1B approval notice? some of my friends are confusing me with this process. Can any1 answer?

As far as I know, you can transfer H1B to another employer anytime after approval. But you can start work only by 1st October.

i have valid opt till DEC. so i can start working immediately?

I don’t think you can move to the new employer until 1st October on the basis of H1B transfer and valid OPT. You might have to get work authorization on OPT for that employer, which I am not sure about.

i am sure that in OPT there is no restriction on Employer. But my concern is will the CAP get transferred if I change employer before OCT,1.