H1B transfer before October 1st (presently on OPT)

[August 9th] I am working for employer A on OPT. My H1B has been approved, but it will befin from October. I am planning on accepting a job offer from company B. How would the visa transfer work in this scenario. What documents will I have to provide to company B. (I do not wish to inform company A about my plans of switching before my H1B with company B is approved)

Any relevant information will be appreciated.

They will need:

  • Copy of A’s approval notice, or just the receipt number

  • Proof of you maintaining OPT status i.e. recent OPT payslips and proof showing that you have not been unemployed for more than 90 days on OPT

  • other documents similar to what you provided to A when they filed the H-1

Thanks for the response Saurabh. My present employer hasn’t provided me with the approval notice yet, and informed me that they will only hand me those documents in the last week of September or when I have my visa stamping appointment confirmed. (fishy)
I hope just the receipt number works, else I will be in a slightly difficult situation.

Once you find a new employer present your case to their attorney. They can confirm if they can proceed w/ the receipt number or need the explicit approval notice.

The I-129 form only asks for the receipt number, and USCIS can easily look-up in their system who that receipt number belongs to. So it may be sufficient just to give the receipt number. That’s my take.